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insurance 201 quiz

Personal Insurance Quiz 201 - Intermediate

10 Intermediate level, random quick, easy home and car insurance quiz questions to help you unlock how it works by increasing your knowledge.

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Why does it matter if I have a license or not when taking out insurance, if I am the one who will be paying for the premium?

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What is the function and purpose of insurance?

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What happens if I had a burglary at my home 2 years ago and I didn’t tell my current insurer about it when I took out home contents cover?

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What is malicious damage?

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What is SASRIA cover?

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What is an additional excess?

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Why is it important to know about my past insurance and claims when I am taking out insurance?

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Does my marital status really affect my vehicle insurance premium?

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Why is it important to disclose true information to insurance companies?

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Pam who is 29 years old, takes out insurance with Z Insurers for her car. She opts for a basic excess of R5 000.

The are also 2 additional excesses on her policy schedule. (Drivers under the age of 25 years R2 000 excess and where an accident happens between 11pm and 4am R5 000 excess).

Pam goes out partying and she meets up in an accident at 2am. She is stressed out about how much excess she needs to pay when she claims, how much would she need to pay?

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*This quiz is not intended as financial or insurance advice. Call us for specific insurance related questions and advice.

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