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Personal Insurance Quiz 101

10 Quick, easy home and car insurance quiz questions to help you unlock how it works by increasing your knowledge.

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Why is my risk address so important when taking out home contents cover?

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What is the purpose of a policy schedule?

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My premium is calculated based on?

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When can I use my car hire benefit on my policy?

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What is the Replacement value?

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Why would an insurer reject my claim?

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What does full comprehensive vehicle insurance cover?

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Which of the below will effect how much my premium will be when taking out vehicle insurance?

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Why do I need car insurance?

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With vehicle insurance, do I generally have to pay extra when I use roadside assistance?

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Car Insurance 101

Why do I need to take my vehicle for inspection?

A vehicle inspection is done to ensure that a thorough analysis on the whole vehicle is done. This is to eliminate any previous damage on the vehicle and to ensure that the car is in good, excellent shape. It will also allow us to determine if there are any non-standard accessories which need to be noted to ensure that you are adequately covered.

Can my age affect my premium, specifically if I’m a young driver?

Yes, unfortunately it has been statistically shown that young drivers are more prone to meeting up in accidents. Therefore insurance has been designed where the older you become the less your risk becomes and therefore you would pay a cheaper premium. Insurers therefore have a sliding scale and the older you become; the more your risk reduces thus reducing your premium as the years go by.

Is the 3rd party also insured, If I were to drive into another vehicle, would my insurance pay for repairs on the other vehicle as well as mine?

Comprehensive car insurance includes accident, theft and high jacking, fire and 3rd party cover. As long as you have a valid claim and liability is determined as you being liable for the damages then the 3rd party claim will be entertained. Your insurer may also recover liability from the 3rd party on your behalf if liability lies with the 3rd party

I have a 4×4. If I want to use it off road is the premium higher than if I don’t?

There’s no higher premium or special condition if you are using your 4×4 off road however, it’s important that you’re not reckless or negligent as this could lead to a claim being repudiated.


Why does my premium increase every year even though the value of my car is depreciating?

Even though the value of your vehicle is decreasing, the costs to repair your vehicle and parts for your vehicle are increasing yearly in line with inflation; therefore the premium has to increase to cater for the increase. We also take your claims history into account and every time you lodge a claim it will affect your premium increase.

I have heard that there’s insurance that pays the outstanding amount on your finance agreement should your car be written-off and the insured value your insurer pays to settle a claim is less than the outstanding amount Is this true?

Yes that is true; this type of top up cover is called Credit Shortfall. Please take note that credit shortfall is not automatically covered and needs to be added on at an extra cost. In the case of your vehicle being a write off or stolen, the insurer will request for the full settlement amount and if you have included credit shortfall cover then the full settlement will be paid over to the finance house.

If petrol instead of diesel was put in a car, does the insurance cover the damages?

The garage should be held responsible for incorrectly filling the incorrect petroleum. We would need to assess each case dependent on the each individual case and you should contact your claims department to assist further.

What kind of luxury car do you rent for your customers as courtesy cars?

When adding vehicle hire onto your policy, you have an option of choosing the class of courtesy vehicle you would prefer. Dependent on your needs, the rental companies will be able to supply with a luxury vehicle provided that you have chosen the correct class. Please note that there is an extra cost for car hire and also the class you choose.

Do you cover any mechanical and/or electrical repairs on a car?

No there is no cover for mechanical or electrical repairs under your comprehensive insurance, however many insurers offer motor warranty cover which can be taken as a value added product at an extra cost. Contact us if you would like to receive a quote.

If I take an advanced driving course will this affect my premium If so, how?

Unfortunately taking an advanced driving course will not affect or decrease your premium however based on your advanced driving and ensuring you have no claims, we would be able to negotiate better rates for you at renewal stages.

What vehicle tracking companies does your insurer support?

Our insurers work with almost all tracking companies registered in South Africa, however dependent on the requirement of the type of device required for your vehicle, you may be limited to specific insurers only. You welcome to contact us so we can assist you further.

I am going to Botswana for the weekend. Is my car covered in the case of a claim?

Yes, your vehicle will be covered if you are using the vehicle for private use. Please note that you would need to call us and provide us with your departing and returning dates so we can organize a cross border letter for you.

I might be selling my car, which I insured with your insurer in January 2012, can I cancel the policy and what are the pros and cons of doing this?

You are welcome to contact us should you be selling your vehicle, however if you are purchasing another vehicle we can do a replacement on your policy without cancelling your policy. This will ensure that you don’t incur any break in insurance.

I have comprehensive cover and my car doesn’t start. I suspect it’s the battery. Can you assist me with this problem?

Yes we will be able to assist you as your cover includes road side emergency assistance and tow away services. You are welcome to contact us to assist you.

Is it possible to extend the use of a rental car, if the vehicle is still not fixed when the car rental period expires?

Yes, it will be possible to extend the car hire with the car hire company directly, please note that this will however result in you being charged for the extra days of car hire as your insurer will only cover you up to the amount of days as specified in your policy.

Do insurers insure older vehicles?

Yes, most insurers cover older vehicles up to 20 or 30 years old, as long as they are in working condition. Any vintage vehicles require a valuation certificate and will be covered under an agreed value.

What’s the difference between ‘retail’ and ‘market’ value?

Retail is the value that a dealer would sell a vehicle to you for, dependent on its age, mileage and condition. The retail value is the higher amount between retail and market. Market value is the agreed value between a willing buyer and a willing seller and is usually lower than the retail value of your vehicle.

How do I differentiate between ‘private’ and ‘business’ use?

Private use is using the vehicle to go to work and home and for social and leisure purposes, whereas business use would be using your vehicle to visit clients on a frequent basis.

Does the model of the car make a difference to the insurance?

Yes, your premium is highly dependent on the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Is my car covered if a friend’s driving it and it’s in an accident?

If you have an open driver policy, your friend has a valid driver’s license and you have given your friend permission to drive the vehicle then yes we would entertain the claim provided that you have a valid claim and the policy conditions are met.

My brother bought a car and I’m the regular driver. Can I insure the car or must he?

Because your brother is the registered owner, he needs to insure the vehicle and he needs to make you the regular driver on the policy.

If I get into an accident outside of South Africa, will my excess differ?

Every insurer has a different set of additional excesses, some insurers have an additional excess that charges an extra excess for accidents outside the borders of South Africa. Please confirm your additional excesses in your policy schedule.

Do you insure vehicles that have been rebuilt?

Some insurers will cover you for rebuilt vehicles however it might not be for the full retail value.

Do you insure people under 25 years of age who drive high performance cars?

Under 25 years of age are already considered high risk, driving a high performance vehicle can pose as an even bigger risk. Therefore some insurers will cover under 25’s with high performance vehicles while some might actually not.

Is it true that my marital status can affect my car insurance premium?

Yes, according to statistics people who are married or co-habiting tend to have a lower risk than single people. This could be because single people tend to go out more than married individuals.

Can I insure a stolen and recovered vehicle?

Yes, you can, as long as the vehicle has its original identification numbers.

What are the factors that influence your car insurance premium?

There are many factors that can affect your premiums; here is a list of some of the factors:

* Age
* Marital Status, being married is rated better than being single
* ITC and background checks, your itc score and or blacklisting can influence the premiums
* Type of car you drive, e.g. make of the car, high performance vehicles, colour of the vehicle
* License Code and year you obtained your driver’s license

* The number of years you have insurance
* The number of years you have insurance and have not claimed
* The number of claims and amounts you have claimed
* The kind of security you have protecting your vehicle, e.g. tracking device, parked in a locked garage
* The area you live in

* The use of the vehicle, private or business use
* Liquidated or Sequestrated, to be determined by each insurer, whether to accept or decline the policy
* Working in private or government sector may influence the premium marginally
* With pay as you drive technology, your hard braking or harsh accelerating can influence your premiums

The above is some of the factors used to determine premium, for more information please send an email to

What does comprehensive insurance cover your for?

Comprehensive insurance provides you for cover resulting only from accident, theft, hijacking, fire or explosion and natural disasters like flood and hail damage. The cover also includes damages to the windscreen , liability to other 3rd parties as a result of an accident, or damage from other 3rd parties to your asset. In other words limited car insurance is where the policy holder chooses to limit what they’re covered (i.e. not to have cover for all of the above).

Please note there are also exclusions that is not covered for under the comprehensive insurance cover, for example on your vehicle, mechanical breakdown is not covered for. For a full listing please check your policy wording or email us at

Does ITC checks affect my premiums?

Most insurance companies uses ITC score checks in order to calculate your premiums. The better your credit score rating , the better your premium will be. Without approval for the ITC check, insurers will decline to do insurance quotes.

If I have my license for less than 1 year will it affect my premiums?

The type of license you have obtained and the length of time that you have your license does indeed affect your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies bases this on the fact that has time goes on from the date you got your license and the number of years you gain from your driving experience, this will reduce the risk to insurer, resulting in premium savings for you.

The license you have also affect the premiums you pay in that if you have a B or EB license code, your premium will be less than a C1, EC or EC1 license as the C1, EC or EC1 is more geared towards larger vehicles than motor cars.

What is insurable interest?

When insuring an asset the insurance company will want to establish that you have an insurable interest in the property, in other words, you must stand to suffer a direct financial loss if there is a claim.

Why do I need insurance?

Insurance helps you to protect your assets from financial loss. You will pay a premium to have cover on your assets, for example, your home contents, car, building, business, and life. There is various other types of insurance that you can get, for e.g. pet insurance, warranty, dent and scratch insurance.

When purchasing a car, the finance house that is financing your vehicle requires a confirmation of cover insurance document. This document is generated only upon signing up with the insurance company.

Am I covered for riots, strikes or civil unrest?

South African Special Risks Insurance Association or better known as Sasria covers you for any accidental or intentional damage to your property caused by any person or group of people taking part in a riot, strike, public disorder or civil commotion or any act that has a political, social or economic aim to protest against any state or government. This cover is limited to things happening in South Africa.

What is not covered by Sasria

Sasria does not cover loss or damage caused by:
* consequential or indirect means;
* a stoppage or deliberate slowing down of work;
* your property being disposed of or confiscated by any lawful authority; or
* an act of terrorism involving the use or release or the threat thereof of any nuclear weapon or device or chemical or biological agent.

The contact details for Sasria is as follows:
Tel: 011 214 0800

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